Tuesday, July 13, 2010

off to share His word

hey guys... my name is Camille Ellis... my friend, grace, made this for me and i love her and it.. the reason i wanted this blog is because i will be telling about my upcoming mission trips and i will be asking for prayer and updating about them after i get back from them and tell what God did through me!!! tomorrow night, i will be leaving for baranquilla, columbia for my youth groups mission trip! we will be doing dramas, a dance, playing with kids, helping build a house for a lady and attending our church pastor's crusade at the end of the 2 weeks..... please be praying for us that we will win souls for Christ and see miracles happen.... thank you and God bless.... i will post when i get back of what has happened!!!! love you all!!!

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  1. GOOD JOD! Have fun in Columbia! and I'll be praying for you guys!